Business Opportunity

LumbarTrac™ Business Opportunity

There are enormous opportunities with the LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Machine. It is so effective at reducing and eliminating back pain that nearly 100% of people who have tried it said their back pain was much reduced or gone after the first session. All who were asked if they would pay $65 per month to have use of the machine whenever they needed a “good pull” said they definitely would. The LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Machine is a precision made machine from the best materials to insure generations of care free use. Although they are available for anyone to purchase, and were designed for home use, many will rather pay a monthly membership fee that is less than the cost of one trip to a chiropractor or massage therapist for similar pain relief that usually only lasts about 72 hours. People cannot afford continuous pain relief this way. They can however have continuous pain relief by having unlimited use of the LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Machine. For the people who can afford to purchase a machine, you will be paid a 15% commission on any sales you are responsible for generating.

The LumbarTrac™ Back Pain Relief Studio should be located in a safe, well lit, well-traveled commercial space with good visibility. A good example can be found at the LumbarTrac Face Book page. It should have easy ingress and egress from people’s daily commutes. It should be 800 to 1200 square feet, depending on your own entrepreneurial plans. There should be room for at least 5 to 10 machines to be positioned for use without crowding and one partitioned area or room for massage therapy if you desire. The reason you need multiple machines is that you want to advertise no appointments necessary and no waiting. People are tired of waiting. This is a value added service that will attract more members faster. The addition of massage therapy enhances the pain relief experience with direct muscle release, which like the pull you get from the LumbarTrac™ machine, is very pleasurable and addictive. You as a business owner will determine if that is an option you would like to use. Of course if you do not incorporate massage therapy you will need less space, therefore less rent cost. It is entirely up to you. Another benefit of partnering with local successful massage therapists is that they can help boost your membership immediately with their existing clients while helping to offset your rent cost. When planning your business be sure to make the safety of your members a priority. Consider installing video surveillance equipment. While LumbarTrac™ will continue to devote resources to building the brand name and reputation nationally, you should devote resources to your local advertising outlets, such as flyers, radio ads, etc. This is an opportunity to start your own business with just the cost of the machines, which are $2250 each. Any orders over 10 will be eligible for the 15% commission savings.

Sample Rough Calculations

10 machines = $22,500

5 yr. Rent Est. = $60,000

Rough  Total = $82,500

500 members at $65 per month = $32,500 per month x 12 months = $390,000 per yr. x 5 yrs. = $1,950,000 in 5 years for an initial $82,500 investment.

Very roughly, the above numbers show the enormous possibility with 500 members. Imagine if you doubled it or charged more per month, depending on your market. The payback on the machines is incredibly fast.

LumbarTrac™ Background

My back hurt enough to go see a specialist. The MRI and X-rays ensued, and I was preparing my mind for surgery. I was almost begging for surgery. I sought out the best and received opinions from two different neurosurgeons.

The first specialist never saw me face to face. He had his nurse inform me that he did not see a problem that he could repair surgically. Then came the prescriptions for pills and physical therapy.

The second specialist I saw reviewed the tests with me. He drew diagrams and showed me the little bulges in my lower two lumbar discs. He went on to tell me that he did not see the cause of my pain. I was in shock, while trying to find a less excruciating way to lay on his table. The surgeon went on to explain that he could perform surgery and I had about 60% chance of pain relief. He said that he would go in the front of my body, moving organs to one side and finally putting some sort of putty type substance on my lower spine that would harden and fuse my discs together. The surgeon then proceeded to tell me that my insurance no longer covers this procedure. I then asked if he would recommend that I have this procedure and he said no he would not. He wrote prescriptions for pills and physical therapy. I told him to keep the pills. I know that is an unsustainable option.

The next several weeks I put my life and job on hold to drive across town on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minute physical therapy sessions. I rolled on a mat. I did “wood chopping” exercises on the universal gym. I walked backwards on a treadmill and I had traction. I had the distinct feeling that they were time filler exercises. Although, if it had not been for the physical therapy, I would not have known about traction.

The therapists’ strapped me into the traction machine on my second visit. It took two people to strap me to a table and hook my bottom half to a small computerized winch. The therapist entered some numbers and walked away. After a 20 minute session my back felt better than it had in a long time! From then on I asked for traction 20 minutes out of the 30 I had in therapy.

Each visit I persuaded the therapists to make the traction machine pull with more force. It was uncomfortable but not painful. I could feel my lower back stretch. It was sore for about a day after the first few sessions. Not so much after that. Up until then my back had been compressed in one direction.

The throbbing pain had disappeared from my lower spine. The sharp pain in my buttock had disappeared.

After 7 traction sessions and 4 weeks of therapy my pain was gone. They kicked me loose. It took about three weeks for the pain to return. The throbbing and sharp pain had returned and it was just a matter of time before it would be worse.

I knew I would not be able to visit a medical practitioner two or three times a week for the rest of my life to use their traction machine. Losing time from work, ongoing cost, and having to travel through traffic and people to get there is just not feasible for anyone.

My first attempt at fighting the pain in my lower back was to wrap a ratchet strap around my ankles and hook it to a 1/2 ton hoist in my garage to lift myself upside down. This turned out to be very painful on my ankles and when the blood rushed to my head I got a three day migraine headache. This eliminated the inversion table as an option I had researched. Also, half of my body weight was not near enough weight for the pulling force needed to actually stretch the strong fibrous multifidi that holds the spine together. If you do not stretch the multifidi you cannot create space between the vertebrae which enables the inflammation to go down that is causing the pain. The search began for the perfect home traction machine . . .

I researched home traction machines. I found one that resembled a weight bench. You strap yourself in and someone else loads up to 200 lbs. of weight on the foot end. It wouldn’t work for me to rely on someone else to help me every time I needed traction. Next was the traction device resembling a suitcase with a hand pump. This one had promise but it did not take long to see it wasn’t going to work for me. It did not create anywhere near the pulling force that I needed for therapeutic relief. It had also been made of plastics, a lot of parts….inevitable breakage. I had been tired of spending money on things that break soon after purchasing.

I researched equipment made for professional healthcare providers in the $6,000-$12,000 range that used a computerized winch that had to be programmed with an arbitrary number representing pounds of pulling force. All of them had computerized winches that may break or need special electronic repairs at a high cost one day. Even in physical therapy the therapists would put in numbers they think were right for my back. Everyone’s back is unique with different levels and tolerances for pain. If the pull is too much, it will cause you to automatically tense the very muscles you are trying to stretch creating unneeded soreness. If the force is set too low, you will waste your time because there will not be enough force to be therapeutic. As I continued my research I realized they all had the same drawbacks…..none of them could be self-operated.

My research yielded no good results for a self-operated machine that would provide the preferred, personalized pulling force. Not one!

I realized I would have to build my own. That’s how my spinal fitness machine was born. Out of sheer necessity. I wanted something I could make small adjustments to in order to maximize the therapeutic effects, and something that I could use anytime I needed.

This was my lower back pain story and is the same story that is told millions of times every year by back pain sufferers around the world. At $2250 it is an expensive machine for the average person with back pain. It is expensive because it takes quality industrial parts to generate the force required to stretch the strong fibrous multifidi, the muscle that holds the spine together, for long lasting back pain relief.  There is a tremendous opportunity in bringing this expensive machine together with people with back pain. When you consider that half of all adults around the world have to deal with back pain in some way due to compression of the spinal discs, and many people are waking up to how damaging to the body it is to take pills for the rest of their lives, it is easy to recognize the unlimited potential this patented spinal fitness machine has. It is a completely unique and original concept to have several spinal fitness machines in a large room for people suffering from back pain to have access to for a monthly fee. For a monthly fee they can come anytime you are open and strap themselves in and turn the wheel handles themselves to easily produce the amount of force they require to pull their pelvis or head away from their torso and hold it there for 15 to 20 minutes. At most they would probably be in and out in less than 30 minutes, with no appointment or waiting.  Under no circumstances does anyone other than the person strapped in operate or touch the wheel handles. We are not providing medical treatment in anyway. We are bringing people with pain together with pain relief machines that the medical community has failed to provide. The sensation of pulling the spine apart for those who have back pain is very pleasurable and addictive. When coupling the machine with an on duty massage therapist you can enhance the experience for your member.

This machine is patented and there is nothing else comparable on the market as it relates to therapeutic benefit, quality of construction, or ease of use.

You strap yourself in, you turn the handles, and you are in control of your comfort and your level of pull and tolerance. The machine requires no power and enables the finest of adjustments effortlessly to find the perfect amount of pull for your back. There are no electronics to depend on. You can confidently relax every muscle knowing there is no possibility of sharp loading or unloading of tension force on your back. The machine is made with aluminum and stainless steel, and is built to last for generations.

Your job will be to find a suitable location, up fit it with 5 to 10 machines, advertise locally, build membership, help new members to a machine, and demonstrate how to get strapped in. Remember to smile and use a breathe mint. Life will become about building members to build your recurring income.

500 members x $65 per month is $32,500 per month x 12 months = $390,000 Per Year

The math is simple, the need is there, and we now have the equipment that makes it feasible.

I designed this machine with safety in mind. Since there is never any physical contact with the member’s there should be no more liability with offering this machine over a treadmill or other exercise machine. I eliminated any sharp corners or pinch zones. There is a warning plate pop riveted to the side with operation directions and a warning to not let anyone other than the person strapped in to operate the wheel handles that produces the pulling force. I have personally used the machine since 2014 every 3 to 4 days and it has changed my life from having debilitating back pain to having little to no pain as long as I use it every 3 to 4 days.  As for the machines durability, it is designed for generations of trouble free use. There is nothing to wear out inside as the gears, bearings, and shafts are designed for industrial use. Human power will not wear these components. I provide a lifetime warranty on the machine. New harnesses can be purchased through my website. They are very durable and I have not yet seen one wear out. Unlike most other opportunities, this is not one you will need to devote time or money to keeping your equipment working.

LumbarTrac™ Business Idea

Imagine owning a business with no inventory to deal with and have help paying your rent. This can easily be done with LumbarTrac™. Put in your business plan a mission to go and meet with every licensed massage therapist in your area. Tell them about the LumbarTrac™ Back Pain Relief Studio you are opening. Show them the website and Face Book page and explain to them how you are going to have a dedicated massage room in your studio. Also that you are looking for massage therapists to partner with to share the rent in return for having access to LumbarTrac™ members and 100% of what they make doing massage. They will bring all of their existing customers that probably have back pain. It is a win, win, win. You win. The massage therapist wins. The customers win.

LumbarTrac™ Referral Sources

Now that you have your spaced leased and up fitted, and have your massage therapist partner on board paying a portion of your monthly rent, and have your LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Machines on order, now it is time to turn your focus to the life blood of your business, referrals. Every successful business person starts and ends each day thinking about acquiring new customers. It has to be the number one priority. Fortunately, we are selling a service that many already crave but do not know of its existence. This is the easiest selling there is. You pretty much just have to get the word out. Put in your business plan a mission each day to call on 3 new potential referral centers face to face to make yourself and what you are doing known. Leave some cards if they will allow it. Sell yourself on how you can help their customers. If you make a daily routine of 3 face to face drop ins, before long you will be known around town as the King or Queen of Back Pain. Your membership will continue to grow. The following offices are great places to network.

Physical Therapy Offices – once the patients feel better they are cut off and kicked out. LumbarTrac™ may be right for their patients as maintenance after they rehab them.

Orthopedic Doctors – My experience as a patient was that they have very little to offer and would appreciate very much knowing about a LumbarTrac™ Studio nearby.

Chiropractors – The more professional ones will see you as value added service for their patients and the less professional ones will see you as competition. You still have to call on them all. Bring them some muffins.

Fitness Centers – Try to get some brochure space at the front desk because a lot of people exercise to make their backs feel better and it does, but it still can’t treat the “jammed feeling” or sciatica symptoms.

This activity is crucial in the early months of any type of business venture, but it is always nice when you can be selling something in demand as oppose to something like life insurance. In addition to the face to face flesh pressing with referral sources, you may also want to have a radio spot run during evening commute time when peoples backs are hurting. Advertise that the first session is free. That should be enough to sign them up. Before too long your daily routine will be to see referral sources and manage your membership, which put another way, go visiting and count your money.

l will always be available for free consultation all along the way with an extensive sales background. I hope to hear from you.

LumbarTrac™ Networking Idea

As a LumbarTrac™ Back Pain Relief Studio Owner, your primary responsibility is to continuously build your membership, which in turn directly increases your income. You also have to outpace attrition because there will always be legitimate reasons members will leave, such as moving away, back repaired with surgery, members buying their own machines from you, in which you will be payed a 15% commission, etc. Networking will be an important part of your responsibilities as a business owner. Partnering with massage therapists in order to share rent and to enhance the members experience is a good example of how networking with the right people can help put yours and their businesses on autopilot by helping each other reach each other’s goals, all the while enhancing your members’ experience. Remember, the better you make their experience, the more people they will tell. The worse you make their experience, the more people they will tell. Reputation and managing it will be a high priority on a day to day basis. Sweat the details. They are the difference in barely making it and thriving.

Make it a mission in your business plan to regularly prospect for yoga instructors that do not have a permanent location of their own yet.  Yoga instructors usually charge $10 to $15 per class and people can just pay at the door. Always find out how many people usually show up for their classes so you can know which ones to invite to use your studio for free before you open in the morning. If you are open from 10 AM to 7 PM, 5 days per week, choose the yoga instructors that typically have the largest following and offer them the studio from 7 AM to opening time. Make it known that they are welcome to try the machines if they have back pain. First, this shows activity at your business with yoga people leaving as your members are coming in for their morning “pull”. A busy looking business becomes a profitable business. Second, you now have new people coming into your Studio 5 days a week that may not have otherwise. Remember, many people use yoga to control their back pain. By offering free trials on the machines it will be very hard for them not to become a member where they can do yoga and get a pain relieving “pull” at the same place any day of the week. Third, you are now offering a triple threat to back pain to your member’s everyday under the same roof. Spinal decompression, massage therapy, and yoga. You grow your members, the massage therapists get their dollar per minute, and the yogi gets their $10 to $15 per head, with access to your members. Another win, win, win!

I am happy to advise on layout planning once you know the space dimensions. Ideally, there will be space for the machines, which I would plan 50 square feet per machine. There should be at least one private massage room, approximately 100 square feet if you choose to go that route.

Speaking of space requirements, make it part of your business plan to find out what the lease terms are for the spaces adjacent to the ones you are interested in so you will know when their lease is up. Try to lease a space that has a similar adjacent space that you can get a “right of first refusal” on leasing when their lease term is up. This will make it much easier to expand when the time comes, and it will come soon if you put in the work and give honest effort every day. With a right of first refusal you will not have to move to expand.  Your membership is your goose laying the golden eggs. Don’t make them mad by having to change your address that they have become accustomed to unless you have no choice.

I truly believe this triple threat to back pain is going to revolutionize how people manage their back pain and I believe it is about time. The system today offered by the medical community is ineffectual and embarrassing. People are spending enormous amounts of money and being herded like cattle here and there, and in the end they get a bottle of pills and well wishes. Back pain is almost always mechanical in nature. That means the pain is due to muscle, bone, and tissue being tensed and jammed together causing inflammation and irritating nerves. Pills cannot fix it. Only mechanical intervention like decompression, massage, and yoga type stretching can relieve it.

If you feel you would like to be part of and profit from this revolution, please call me anytime. Please also visit and our LumbarTrac Face Book page. I hope to hear from you.


Kevin Byrd
Founder and President
LumbarTrac Inc.


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