Cornerstones of Back Pain Management

Stretching – With regular stretching the muscles become more elastic so they have less tendency to contract involuntarily, which can be a direct cause of back pain. Although beginning a regular stretching routine can be uncomfortable, it does get better with time as any beginner level yoga student can attest. This is one of the non-negotiables to back pain management. Within a very short period you will be looking for places to lie down and stretch because it will feel so good.

Spinal Decompression – Until now there has been no effective way of decompressing the spine or being able to hone in on the exact comfort level to achieve the most efficient “pull” on a self-service bases like you can with the LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Machine. It allows you to pull your pelvis or head away from your torso, gently but forcefully, thereby decompressing your spine in order to relieve the pressure on your spinal discs causing the pain.

Core Strengthening Exercises – As you decompress your spine you must also do core strengthening exercises on a regular basis to aid the spine in standing straight and tall. One of the reasons we have back pain is because of our lifestyles. There is really nothing average people ever do in daily life to strengthen the core muscles which help our spines stand straight and tall. Imagine as we get older how the spine must be slumping in unnatural ways causing pain and inflammation in the discs that are being pinched from the slumping.

Diet – Most of us have been eating improperly all of our lives and that is a reason we may not feel “good”. Most everything we buy at the grocery store passed the fruits and vegetables section causes inflammation and inflammation is the leading cause of pain and death. It is now or never. The science is in. We know how to do it. There are no short cuts. We have to eat like humans of past. Fruits, vegetables, very small amounts of meat and dairy, and little to no sugar and grains. If you change your life it will change your life.

Nobody can do these Cornerstones for you. It is time to take personal responsibility for your own pain management. Let us show you how.

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