What does LumbarTrac™ do?

LumbarTrac™ decompresses your entire spine to reduce or eliminate back pain by gently stretching your back in the best way possible. This creates space between your spinal discs to reduce inflammation and nerve impingement that is causing your spinal compression related back pain. You are in complete control of how much pull your back receives.

What makes LumbarTrac™ unique?

Some of the features that make LumbarTrac™ unique are:

  • LumbarTrac™ is completely self-operated. You can easily strap yourself in and provide yourself with the exact amount of pulling force you need for your back for the amount of time you want anytime you feel the need.
  • LumbarTrac™ gives you the ability to easily "micro adjust" your pulling force thereby making the time you spend using it much more effective and efficient. If the pull were to hard your body would fight it rendering the session less effective. If the pull were too light you would not have the pain relief you seek.

How often do you use LumbarTrac™?

Use LumbarTrac™ as needed. I use LumbarTrac™ every 4 to 5 days on average and it has changed the way I live life and my outlook on life.

How much pull is enough?

You want enough pull to be effective. I have found the most effective pulls are the ones that border on uncomfortable but not painful.

Why is LumbarTrac™ better than an Inversion Table?

The pull you get from less than all of your body weight is not enough for lasting pain relief. There is not enough pulling force with an inversion table to be as effective as LumbarTrac™. There are no dangers from hanging upside down for extended periods such as migraine headache, aneurysm, stroke, eye damage, or any other ailment that can be caused by excessive blood pooling in the brain as with the inversion table.

What is the one thing that people that use LumbarTrac™ for the first time comment on the most?

How great it feels to have their back stretched!

Please feel free to call me anytime with any questions or concerns.

Kevin Byrd
Founder and President
LumbarTrac Inc.

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