It is our mission at LumbarTrac™ to empower chronic back pain sufferers to take control and responsibility for their own chronic back pain management. Most back pain is due to structural issues in our spine. With most structures parts wear, bend, and bulge before at some point will collapse without regular maintenance. Our spines are structures made of hard bone and soft cartilage with sensitive nerves weaving through them like cobwebs. When our spinal structure begins to collapse, or compress, the bone and tissue pressing and rubbing together causes irritation that leads to inflammation and pain. By occasionally “pulling” the spine apart in a gentle and forceful manner most people find immediate back pain relief. The LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Machine is designed specifically for this purpose. Back pain due to compressed discs usually lasts a lifetime. LumbarTrac is a cost effective lifetime solution.

Frequent traction/spinal decompression can provide pain relief for the tens of millions of people who are suffering from back pain. The problem is that the spinal decompression devices made for consumer use are too cheaply made to be therapeutic and the ones made for healthcare providers require trained technicians to operate which has made simple spinal decompression cost prohibitive for most people to have as frequently as needed for long term pain relief. It is my wish to change the way chronic back pain is managed by partnering with physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, day spas, and anyone else who would like to help me help other back pain sufferers by offering inexpensive ongoing self-operated spinal decompression. I firmly believe there should be a LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Machine in every work place for employees to use whenever needed because their backs ache from sitting in front of a computer all day or from working on a factory floor. It would be much better than taking another Vicodin or Percocet in the workplace! I believe LumbarTrac™ should be in every hotel exercise room for the millions of business travelers who spent a day sitting in a car or on an airplane with back pain so bad they can barely think coherently. LumbarTrac™ should be on every military base for soldiers who jump out of airplanes and march 20 miles a day with a 70 pound sack on their backs training to protect our freedoms. There should be LumbarTrac™ in every fitness room, airport lounge, and anywhere else back pain sufferers may be that just need a good "pull" every once in a while to stay off their personal roller coaster of back pain. Back pain is ubiquitous and frequent simple spinal decompression is so effective at relieving it there is no reason it should be expensive. If you are in the business of helping people partnering with LumbarTrac™ can offer your business a completely new revenue stream. If you are a back pain sufferer visit a LumbarTrac™ Partner today and change your life!

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