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Whether you are looking for deep tissue therapeutic massage therapy to rehab an aching back or any other injury you may need massage work on, or you just want to pamper yourself with an extraordinary stress relieving massage experience, we have experienced Licensed Massage Therapists on staff that know how to maximize your time and experience with us. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in customizing your massage therapy to exactly what you want and need. Your comfort and experience is of paramount importance to us while you are under our care and we take your satisfaction with your overall experience with us very seriously. We are here to please!

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$40      30 Minute Therapeutic Lumbar Release Massage – Designed to release the tension in the main muscle groups that cause lower back pain.

$40      30 Minute Therapeutic Cervical Release Massage – Designed to release the tension in the muscle groups that cause pain in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

$80      60 Minute Customized Therapeutic Massage – Customized just for you to ensure this will be the best 60 minutes you have experienced in a long time. You will melt.

$110     90 Minute Customized Therapeutic Massage – Customized just for you to ensure this will be the best 90 minutes you have experienced in a long time. You will melt more.


Introducing  Donna Adele, your Licensed Massage Therapist…

Donna has been practicing massage therapy in North Carolina since 2014. She integrates her therapies with Deep Tissue, Swedish and Back Pain Relief Massage. She has a caring, personal approach to the emotionally and physically injured on an individual body’s need for therapy.
“I approach massage therapy with an intuitive touch and an empathetic heart.”
Modalities for Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul
“What matters to me is…you – your muscles, your aches, your pain, your emotional
well-being, your relief of the stress and body pains that burden you. I can help you transcend to wellness.”





*Deep Tissue * Back Pain Relief * Acupressure *

Trigger Point * Swedish * Fibromyalgia * Prenatal

*Chair Massage  *  Sciatica  *  Sports Massage *

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