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Please visit our LumbarTrac™ Spinal Fitness Studio located at 2500 Trent Rd, Suite 4 in the Trent Road Plaza in New Bern, NC. You go to the dentist to care for your teeth. You go to the gym to care for your body. Now you can go to LumbarTrac™ to care for your back. Whether you want to learn how to properly manage existing pain in your back without medication or want to prevent back pain from affecting your quality of life in the future, we have the answers because we have lived with the pain and have done the research on known remedies and have boiled it down to the most effective, cost effective, long lasting pain relief available. Most people do not use their backs properly in everyday life which usually leads to back pain that will affect how you live your life. Please do not wait until it is too late to have a say in whether you live with back pain or not.

Running a beloved and awesome restaurant such as the iconic Chelsea in downtown New Bern can really take a toll on one’s back. Look how the owner Chris relieves his pain.

We offer personal training and education on the proper way to care for your back. We will show you how to gently decompress your spine, rebuild it with your own muscle, and use it properly. You do not have to live with pain, back braces, belts, and a number of other remedies that do not address the underlying problems. We have LumbarTrac™  Spinal Fitness Machines at your disposal to use anytime it is convenient for you during business hours at very low cost. For your convenience, we are open 10 AM to 7 PM Tuesday thru Friday. Only $40 for your first visit where you will learn targeted stretches to relieve muscle related pain, learn to decompress your own spine with the LumbarTrac Spinal Fitness Machine, learn core strengthening exercises, and proper nutrition to reduce food related inflammation in your body that also causes pain. Unfortunately, LumbarTrac™ is not suitable for those who have already had back surgery including spinal fusion.  Follow up visits are only $20 per visit thereafter, or you can purchase a monthly membership for $65 which allows you unlimited access to the machines anytime during business hours for those who may have long term chronic back pain which may require ongoing periodic decompression.

No appointment is necessary after the initial consultation. You just show up and pick a machine. Then you can take your time getting the most efficient pull possible. Simple as that. In and out in less than 30 minutes at your convenience with no lines or waiting. Our program is not covered by insurance but our prices are the same as most coinsurance payments. This means your out of pocket expense is the same or typically much less. Experience has shown that compressed discs are usually a lifetime condition requiring a lifetime solution. We believe we have that lifetime solution. Proper spinal decompression requires numerous sessions over a period of time to get long lasting pain relief. This type of treatment typically costs thousands of dollars anywhere else you go. Since the LumbarTrac™ machines cost a fraction of what other commercial spinal decompression machines cost, and does not require a practitioner to set you up and supervise, we can offer the same benefit for so much less.

Being a great wedding photographer requires carrying a lot of heavy equipment and contorting one’s body to get the perfect shot. See how Chad, owner of Chad Winstead Photography in Greenville eases his back pain.

We will also take time with you to teach and coach you all along the way on the other cornerstones of back pain relief. Long lasting back pain relief does not stop with spinal decompression. It needs to be a holistic approach which includes learning how to use your back the correct way. Modern life is contraindicated to a pain free back for many of us, mostly because we have not given our backs what they need. We can show you how to rebuild your back in a way you will feel like you are always wearing a supportive back belt, but it will actually be your very own muscle wrapping around your spine holding it straight and tall. We will talk frankly about your diet and discuss ways of giving your body exactly what it needs to work toward not only a pain free life, but how you can actually improve your overall well being and outlook on life with the foods you eat. We know we can make ourselves sick with what we eat. The opposite is also true. We can change every aspect of our lives with what we eat. Come learn how. Back pain is more of a structural and knowledge problem than it is a medical problem, therefore should be treated structurally and informatively. We are open 10 AM to 7 PM Tuesday thru Friday for your convenience. Schedule your initial consultation online with the “Book Now” button or call 252-497-7005. LumbarTrac™ is truly dedicated to changing the way people manage their acute to chronic back pain, and the prevention of back pain before it begins. We hope to see you soon.


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