Thoughts From Glenda Daniels, Very First LumbarTrac Guest

Spinal Decompression works for me.

In 2010 I was suffering terribly from lower back pain. An MRI revealed that I had two bulging discs and one herniated disc. Sitting was unbearable. My left leg had become numb. My chiropractor encouraged me to try Spinal Decompression and if that did not work – surgery would be the next step. For the next three months I drove back and forth to Morehead City. There I received Spinal Decompression treatments on a DRX 9000 machine. The large machine was operated electronically by a medical technician. Appointments were cancelled whenever she was unable to be there to operate it. The drive was painful for me and the treatments were costly but the Spinal Decompression gave me relief from my pain.

The health of my back was dependent on whether or not I was taking care of myself. I learned what activities not to do in order to keep back pain at bay. However, in 2012 I re aggravated my back by choosing to move a large bookshelf that was full of heavy books. Rather than waiting for help I moved it and without first removing the books. Back to Morehead City I went. Once again Spinal Decompression worked.

I re injured my back in October of this year while doing yard work in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Something as simple as rolling over in bed at night had become extremely painful. I was thrilled to discover I could receive Spinal Decompression locally at a LumbarTrac Massage Therapy and Back Pain Relief Studio. The LumbarTrac equipment is small, non electronic, and even I can operate it. I use it at my convenience and at very little cost. I rarely miss a day of using LumbarTrac. LumbarTrac’s Spinal Decompression is working for relief from my lower back pain. I am now sleeping pain free during the night.

Thank you, Kevin Byrd for inventing the LumbarTrac and for teaching me simple exercises that will help with the lifelong process of my being able to maintain stronger back muscles. I am finally motivated to take better care of my back. I plan to continue being faithful in the use of the LumbarTrac. Spinal Decompression has been a proven help for me.

Glenda Daniels

New Bern, NC

December 2nd, 2016

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