Lumbartrac™ Back Pain Relief

Lumbartrac™ Back Pain Relief

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919 - 523 - 7767

What does LumbarTrac™ do?

LumbarTrac™, Patent # 9,393,172, decompresses your entire spine to alleviate or eliminate back pain due to Sciatica, Degenerative Disc Disease, Bulging and Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, and other spinal compression related ailments in your back by gently stretching your spine in the best way possible. Decompressing your spine relieves pressure from your spinal discs and nerves. The pain you feel in your back is most often due to compression of your spinal discs and impingement of nerves exiting your spine. By creating space for your spinal discs using LumbarTrac™ on a regular basis your pain is reduced or eliminated without the use of medication. You are in complete control of how much "pull" your back receives.

The key to the effectiveness of LumbarTrac™ is that you have full control and the ability to make "micro adjustments". This allows you to stretch at your own pace while mentally relaxing every muscle in your back to get a much more effective "pull". LumbarTrac™ is an inexpensive alternative to other means of spinal decompression the healthcare system utilizes. The same type of spinal decompression administered by a healthcare professional can cost $4000 to $6000 for approximately 20 treatments and once the prescribed number of treatments are over your spine will usually re-compress and the pain returns. Unfortunately for most of us who suffer from chronic back pain it is a lifetime challenge to manage the pain since there is no real cure. LumbarTrac™ is the next best thing to a cure. LumbarTrac™ is designed to help you live a normal life again without having to rely on drugs and the myriad of other remedies that are expensive and designed only to mask the pain. LumbarTrac™ is designed to relieve the pain at the source.

Listen to what others are saying about LumbarTrac. . .

"I used to have stabbing pain between my lower back and glute. Now I don't."

"I used to not be able to drive any distance in my car without having to frequently stop and stand up for a while. Even then I had to push my foot against the floorboard to push my lower back into the seat to reduce the pain. Now it is not a problem."

"I used to have burning pain in my lumbar region any time I would bend over for any length of time. Now I don't."

"I used to have a hard time getting to sleep because my legs would tingle and would feel numb on the inside. Now they don't."

"I used to dread traveling, or eating out, or going to friends and relatives homes, or the movies, or anything else that required sitting. Now I don't."

Google Reviews:

Michael Small  As a person who suffers from scoliosis and every-day back pain in the middle and lower back, the moment I got off the table I felt immediate relief of the tightness and pressure on my back. I would highly recommend it. And be sure to see Kevin!

Ashia Tabb Great experience! Kevin was so nice and helpful! My back pain was gone in a matter of minutes this is a great device that helped relieve my back pain. Will definitely be back 🙂

John Angelo I am so happy with the way my back feels. This place is more than just a machine, Kevin ( the owner) is very knowledgeable about back pain and combines his patented machine with great stretches. I left not only feeling better, but more educated on why my back hurts. I used to be on 90mg of Oxycontin daily plus “break through” meds of another 20mg and anyone that has been on this medication knows the toll it takes on your mind and body. Do yourself a favor and give it a try! It is really affordable and you are in control the entire time. I highly recommend this place.

Robert Kennedy Started going to LumbarTrac at the suggest- ion of my Chiropractor. Kevin Byrd and his machine have done wonders for my back. With all of my Lumbar discs bulging and sciatica, this machine offers me great relief. Do your back a favor and give this a try.

Gary Daniels I have done the long drives and paid the high prices for treatments at facilities that can only work with 1 client at a time. At LumbarTrac, there is no waiting and I am not locked into a set appointment nor can my treatment be postponed due to mechanical or electronic failure with the equipment. Spinal Decompression treatments are what prevent me from seeking surgery. I get the pain relief that allows me to function at my best even though I have 2 bulging and 1 herniated disc. Kevin Byrd has taught me muscle strengthening exercises for the lower back that work far better than any I have ever tried before. My review shows my husband’s name, Gary, per our Google account. But he would also tell you that LumbarTrac has been a great help for me.

Melissa Hartka This place is the only one that would relieve my neck and back pain. It’s a stress free environment and the relief I got was amazing and Mr. Byrd was so helpful with the traction machines which made it even more stress free. I would definitely suggest this option if you have any type of spinal back issues, you will never regret it!

Jennifer Lee I was having a lot of lower lumbar pain when I found this machine, LumbarTrac in the local mall. After just 10 minutes of decompressing my spine using this machine, I had no back pain whatsoever. Talking to the hubby about getting one.

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